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Meeting Minutes 2008

MVSPE Board Meeting Minutes - October 16, 2008

Attendees: Greg Andersen, Bob Rajkovich, Dennis Richmond, Bob Strickley, Tony Hoog, Josh Ullrich

Reported could not attend: Mickey Brandon, Don Keyes

Start Time: 6:04 PM

Review and approve minutes: Moved by Bob Strickley to approve minutes seconded by Dennis Richmond, Approved unanimously.

Financial Update: $6,925.23 in the treasury. $600 paid for a dinner meeting so the balance is $6,325.23.

We do not have to file a 990 IRS form as we have less than $25,000.00 in our account balance.
So we are required to send in a budget and events schedule to the national SPE organization.

The accounting firm we hired has balanced our budget and our check registry.

Motion by Bob Rajkovich that a notice will be posted on the MVSPE website to notify members that some past credit card charges will not be processed due to accounting and bank problems. Seconded by Greg Andersen. Voted on and passed unanimously.

Education: Shawnee State has lost their facility Student advisor David Finlow. This may impact our interaction with the students at this school.

Steve Keller in the materials science section at Miami University and will be acting as a student advisor at that school. This may help us recruit some new student member to our organization.

Bob Wolf is the advisor at the University at Dayton in the mechanical engineering and we have not been getting a lot of attention because we have not been doing much for students in our organization.

Work is being done by Bob Strickley with the University of Cincinnati to support their student program for the MVSPE.

House & Program: We need a new meeting location for the November MVSPE meeting. Something in the East-gate area around the Hwy 32 exit would be preferred. This is the meeting that Serve-Tech will be presenting at. This presentation will be on screw technology and some information on green technology.
The December 6th MVSPE meeting will be at the Dayton Engineers club. And will be the spouse / date night/ MVSPE anniversary.  We expect to have tour of the Dayton engineers club. Price will $30.00 per person. Students will also be at a rate of $30.00 per person.

January: Rumpke is still a possibility for a tour.

February: Bob Rajkovich to Look into a possible event. “Miamisburg” new company

March: Education meeting.

May: Open meeting at this time

Communication:  Running a bit behind on the online newsletter. Allegra printing has revised their price on what they are charging for the website hosting. We need to reconcile with them about our past payment for services. Tony Hoog will act as temporary treasure until this vacant position can be filled and will be able to write a check for any outstanding balance at Allegra. The web site hosting fee will be adjusted to $30.00 per month going forward.

International Councilor: Dennis Richmond will be attending the meeting that will start tomorrow. He has heard that rebates from the national organization to regional chapters will be reduced by 66%. The National SPE is having problems with membership and expenses.  SPE needs to attract members in the 25 to 40age range. The current membership has 80% of it’s members over the age of 50.

Membership: Josh Ullrich, No new items at this time. Estimated current membership 268 members.

ANTEC 2009: At the NPE in Chicago

Old Business: None at this time.

New Business: Bob Strickley is currently attending the MAPP meeting. Over 200 people are at this meeting and have paid to listen to the presentations being. Bob feels we should be doing some form of collaboration with MAPP.

Mid American Plastics Processors = MAPP

They are doing some cooperative buying and a lot of networking is being done. There is a lot of common ground between MAPP and the MVSPE.

Bob has offered MAPP an opportunity to present at our February meeting and use this as an opportunity to work with MAPP to our mutual benefit.

Adjournment: Moved by Greg Andersen seconded by Bob Rajkovich Voted on and passed unanimously.


MVSPE Board Meeting Minutes - September 4, 2008

Attendees: Don Keyes, Bob Rajkovich, Dennis Richmond, Bob Strickley, Tony Hoog, Greg Andersen.

Reported could not attend:

Start Time: 6:00 PM

Review and approve minutes: Minutes corrected and approved

Financial Update: Bob Rajkovich is contacting the accounting firm to assume the responsibilities of the treasurer.

Education: Don Keyes: No news to report. Bob Rajkovich to provide some new contact names and engineering schools.

House & Program: The mold makers meeting will be next month on October 2. DME will make a presentation on liquid injection molding, what to do with old molds, or the green technologies in molding. Bob Strickley will work with the DME to finalize the topics.

Tony Hoog will look into Minco for the November meeting.

The December 6th meeting will be at the engineers club in Dayton Ohio. Tony Hoog has arranged things with the club. This will be the 67th year of the MVSPE.

For the January meeting a possible tour of the Rumpke recycling facility will be investigated by Tony Hoog.

Golf outing: Dennis Richmond: No date has been selected yet. We do not want a conflict with the Detroit golf outing. We would like to use the same course as the 2007 event. June 8 is the likely date at Heatherwood golf course. The national plastics exhibition is the week of June the 20th. It is possible that the Miami Valley SPE could have a meeting during the national plastics exhibition at the Milacron booth.

Communication: Bob Strickley has asked a consultant to put together a proposal on hosting the MVSPE web site.

International Councilor: Dennis Richmond: The next meeting will be the third week of October at the head offices of the SPE.

Membership: The membership roster has been printed. As of August 2008 we have 268 members down from 313 in 2007.

ANTEC 2009: This event will take place at the national plastics exhibition in June of 2009.

Old Business: Bob Strickley needs contacts for gathering MVSPE history

New Business: Tony Hoog suggests we start doing some work with recyclers.

Adjournment: Greg Andersen moves to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Tony Hoog. Voted on, passed unanimously.