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Meeting Minutes 2009

MVSPE Board Meeting Minutes - September 24, 2009

In attendance: Bob Strickley, Bob Rajkovich, Dennis Richmond, Greg Andersen, Zan Smith, Dr. Stephen Carlson.

6:25 PM meeting called to order.

Bob Strickley: advise the board that he is a very heavy load of work and he will need some additional help in his duties as President. Discussions took place regarding Tony Hoog and his participation on the board Tony is not currently an SPE member. The board's position is that SPE Membership is a prerequisite for sitting on the board Bob Rajkovich will get an update from Tony as to his membership status.
Bob Strickley does have some prospects for new board members.
E-mails from Don Keyes have not been responded to so we do not know his status. We need to get an update on his status as a board member. Stephen Carlson will contact Don to check on his status.

Review of August 6 board meeting minutes. Minutes reviewed and accepted.

Dennis Richmond provided a current copy of the Miami Valley Society of Plastics Engineers roster.
Martin Stojkvic has been contacted by Dennis Richmond and he is interested in becoming an SPE board member.

In regards to a student on the board Dr. Carlson advised that Michelle Mahl who is currently a graduate student may be interested in serving on the board.

Eclipse film products are (a plant tour with the MVSPE in November. Bob Rajkovich will coordinate.

Stress engineering services is also a potential January tour. Greg Andersen will make arrangements for this tour.

Another possible tour candidate would be Kraus MAFI.

The October meeting is tentatively scheduled for Shawnee State in Portsmouth Ohio. Greg Andersen will prepare some information on sustainability from the American chemistry Council.

The December meeting will potentially take place at the Dayton Engineers Club.
Saturday, December 5 is the tentative date for the Christmas party at the Dayton engineers club.

February meeting tentatively at Milacron

March meeting possibly at Plastipak

GE polymers are another potential company that we could tour.

Greg Andersen has a good contact at Procter & Gamble and may be able to arrange some kind of activity there.

April: University of Cincinnati alumni presentation.

May: possible pay lake fishing event at Lake Isabel

June: possible golf outing may try to make this a joint venture with habitat for humanity.

Finance report: current bank balance $5276.32

Allegra bill outstanding for $298 or website maintenance

Website hosting: the board recommends that we look for an alternative to Allegra for hosting the newsletter and website.

Typical deadline for the newsletter is two weeks after the board meeting.

The MVSPE currently has 195 members

Counselors report: Zan Smith: next meeting will be attended via webinar. Meeting date is the third week of October.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

MVSPE Board Meeting Minutes - June 30, 2009
Meeting held at Panera Bread, West Chester

Attendees: Greg Andersen, Bob Rajkovick, Don Keyes, Tony Hoog, Zan Smith, Josh Ullrich, Mickey Brandon, Dennis Richmond.

Reported could not attend: Bob Stickley

Call to order: 6:00 PM

Minutes of last meeting: May meeting minutes Corrected, approved. Will be sent to Alegra for publishing

Financial Update: Bank balance as of 6/17 $ 6,088.32. Need to pay Allegra $ 74.00 for 6/09.  We have an outstanding check for SSU student chapter (Larry Miller) $ 330.00
Student account $2600.00 approximate balance.

Program / House: Summer board meeting to be call by new president Bob Strickley will determine new committee heads.

Education: new budget will allow us to sponsor attendance of 2010 Antech by several students.

Communications: Suggestions made from the floor that a set schedule of meeting dates for 2010 would be helpful in increasing attendance. More electronic communications may help get out the members.

International Councilor: Councilor’s Meeting Highlights
Chicago, IL
Palmer House
June 20 and 21, 2009

Attendee from MVSPE: Dennis Richmond; Retiring
                              Zan Smith; Incoming Councilor

Sections Committee –June 20

-The host section, Chicago, presented a brief overview of their activities. Interesting to note their membership preferred to have more social events so they now entertain a NPE Social and Bears party in addition to the annual golf outing and holiday gathering.

-Over $20,000 was raised to sponsor student activities at NPE: tours, luncheon, and travel expenses.

-A note to keep the Husky tuition scholarship as a target for each section.

-There are strong section formations in Spain, Mexico and Middle East.

-There was a round table discussion on developing and retaining student members in SPE after graduation:

Several sections are doing more neighborhood meetings which seem to fill a social void with graduates. An event that is not as available after leaving campuses.

The Pittsburg section has been successful in getting recent graduates on their boards. This has helped recruit new X and Y generation members and motivates their participation in the section.

Councilors discussed the reimbursement of membership dues, $32.00, by sections for those student members who have graduated, but do not have employment.


Council Committee of the Whole –June 20

-There is a direction by Council to add mentoring to new incoming councilors. The purpose is to get them familiar with the proceedings and norms of council in order to be a bigger contributor. In addition, a councilor will be required to sit on two committees. One would be Council and a second would be a special committee of their choosing, finance, ANTEC, membership, etc. This participation is not to be a requirement for the Pinnacle Award, but it will likely be a bonus item.

-Generation X and Y focus continues. The push is to increase these generations to be more active on Council and Section boards. Recent findings show the new graduates still like to get together as a group following their collegiate days.

-Continuous Improvement Committee is placing enfaces on developing new leaders at the National and Global level. The committee is looking fervidly at members with international connections.

Council Meeting I -June 21

Susan Oderwald presented details of the SPE operations at the staff level.
-A reduction of seven (7) staff positions this year has been made.
-A travel ban has been in place until the ANTEC.
-All contract work has been either reduced or eliminated.
-The Eurotec and seminars have been cancelled.
-The Wiley Publishing agreement on ‘Plastic Engineering’ has been  
-Sale of the SPE building (13,000 sq. ft.) is complete. The staff will be
 moving June 26 to a leased 3,700 office space at13 Churchill Road;
 Newtown, CT.
-Increasing communications through the use of webinars, Susan is doing
 quarterly updates via this media. She and Tricia McNight are doing
 individual calls to the section presidents for their input, questions and

As of 5/31/09 the total SPE membership is 16,039. This is a 6% contraction for the year to date. This short term decline is definitely economically related. The bigger long term decline over the decade is due to generation turnover. It appears the younger generations do not prefer the monthly format of meetings.

SPE needs to be more fervid on reaching outside the U.S. in order to be the plastics industry’s global technical resource.

-The April 09 finances are behind due to the ANTEC revenues being
 delayed by SPI until after the NPE.
-Seminars attendance is soft
-Membership income for the year is actually higher due to the early 
renewal incentives.
-The Hardship Initiative Fund is $13,674 for Sections needing financial help.
-Many sections have returned their rebates to the operating fund
-The SPE Scholarship Fund is >$1.6 million.

The second reading of the Bylaws and Policies concerning electronic participation in Council was made for an amendment vote. There were about 6 councilors monitoring the proceedings by webex.

The first Bylaw amendment allows either paper strips or electronic voting. Either means of voting would apply to:
                  -Rebate approval / participation
                  -Budget approval
                  -Officer elections
Bylaws amendments applicable to electronic participation and voting, 6.2.2, 6.2.3, and 14.7 were voted on and approved by Council.

An amendment to reduce the Executive Committee by 4 positions was voted on and approved.

Permitting special interest groups to nominate a representative to council was approved.

-Mold Making and Mold Design Motion

The following motion to Council to make the following changes to the Executive Committee was made:
         -Suspend the travel subsidiary
         -Use webex / tele-conferencing for meetings
         -Suspend team building sessions (This is actually an annual strategic  
planning meeting)
-401 K contributions terminated (~$45,000 in matching funds)

 The motion failed.

Council Meeting II –June 21
Attended by Zan Smith


Membership: No new information

ANTEC 2009 @ NPE: Container in International councilor report

Old Business: At the May meeting we discussed the payments to Dennis and Zan. We need to cover their ANTEC expenses.

New Business: SPE national could host our website saving us about $74 per month.

Motion to close meeting 7:05 PM by Josh Ullrich, second by Tony Hoog. All in favor.

MVSPE Board Meeting Minutes - May 7, 2009

Attendees: Greg Andersen, Bob Rajkovich, Dennis Richmond, Bob Strickley, Don Keyes, Zan Smith

Reported could not attend: Tony Hoog, Josh Ullrich

Start Time: 5:00 PM

Review and approve minutes:  The minutes form the April 2, 2009 meeting were reviewed, corrected and accepted. These will be sent to the Web administrator for publishing.

Financial Update:  All credit card charges for the MVSPE are now being run through SPE national in order to reduce fees associated with these charges.
Alegra is due another $74.00 for web hosting and the publishing of news items on the MVSPE web Site.

Shawnee State College has applied to the MVSPE for a grant of $330 to cover SPE membership for 11 students. This has been approved by the board of directors and a check will be cut.

Josh Ullrich called into the board meeting to advise us that the material auction accounts have been finalized and checks to the local chapters will be sent out next week. The MVSPE should receive about $6000 from the auction proceeds. The board thanks TOTAL Petrochemicals for their generous donation of polyethylene resin to the material auction in support of several SPE chapters.

House & Program: Next meeting June 8, 2009. A suggestion was made that we ask Krauss Maffei to host next months meeting or our September meeting. Tony Hoog should approach them to discuss this possibility.

Communication: A press release did go out about the historical award given to the SPE UC student chapter. No photo was provided but one is available as a follow up.

International Councilor: Dennis Richmond gave a brief report. The international council had a telephone meeting. It was reiterated that membership dues rebates to the regional chapters will be cut in half. This is a big concern for the MVSPE as we have not been getting our past rebates due to administrative problems with the national chapter.
Dennis Richmond, and Zan Smith (the new MVSPE International councilor) have been asked to bring this topic up at the upcoming meeting taking place during the NPE.
The issue is that we are meeting all the requirements, as stated in the bylaws of the SPE to qualify for our rebates but the National SPE organization is imposing more requirements and refusing to send our past due rebate fees.

Membership: Problems persist with the national SPE website and we are unable to determine the membership count for the MVSPE.

ANTEC 2009: Nothing to report

Old Business: Stephen Clarson: Proposed that past SPE student members come back to campus and make presentations and be given special recognition in the for of a Distinguished Alumni Award by the MVSPE.

Proposed UC student SPE alumni are as follows.

SPE Distinguished Alumni Awards 2009
••.. and Fall Speakers ••••.

Dr. Mike Banach Principal Engineer Plastic Logic
34 Cambridge Science Park
Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 OFX, England Tel (+01144) 1223706049

Dr. Giles Dillingham
President &. Chief Scientist Brighton Technologies Group, Inc. 1006 Kieley Place
Cincinnati, OH 45217, USA
Tel: (513) 469-1800

Dr. Doug Zeik
Principal Engineer, Global Packaging The Procter &. Gamble Company 5289 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45217, USA
Tel: (513) 627-5062

The board is very supportive of this suggestion and has asked Dr. Clarson to pursue this ideal further by contacting the candidates and measuring their level of interest.
A suggestion was made that they could be invited to UC in October and that the event could be broadcast via a Webinar.

New Business: Zan Smith addressed the board regarding a proposed seminar on scientific molding. This seminar would require the participation of 12 persons with a fee of $110.00 per person. Zan feels this would be a good opportunity for the SPE to promote an educational offering to its members. Information on this seminar could be included in the MVSPE news letter.

Adjournment: 6:00 PM  Followed by a presentation from TOTAL Petrochemicals on their environmental efforts in the chemicals and plastics industries.

MVSPE Board Meeting Minutes - April 2, 2009

Attendees: Greg Andersen, Bob Rajkovich, Dennis Richmond, Bob Strickley, Tony Hoog, Don Keyes, Stephen Clarson, Zan Smith.

Reported could not attend:

Start Time: 5:00 PM

Review and approve minutes: Jan 8, 2009 and Feb 5, 2009 minutes reviewed and approved unanimously.

Old Business:  Approval given to pay Allegra for two months of web hosting and web site updating.

Election of board for 2009 and 2010:

President: Bob Strickley
President Elect: Don Keyes
Secretary: Gregory Andersen
Treasurer: Bob Rajkovich
International Councilor: Zan Smith

All positions voted on and elected unanimously

Financial Update:  Bank balance as of 3/17 $776.11. We need to pay Allegra $74.00 for 3/09 and $74.00 for 2/09. We will not pay the bill dated 10/31/08 for $776.11 – 148.00 = $628.11

Education: Shawnee State College wants money for memberships. We should schedule a visit to their campus, possibly in September 2009.

House & Program:  May meeting: Possible presentations by BASF and TOTAL on Green initiatives at their organizations as they relate to plastics. Meeting could be held at UC. Need to finalize the program by 4-16-09.

June meeting potentials:

  1. Recto molding in Cincinnati. This is a custom molder of engineering thermoplastics and thermoset resins.
  2. Nutech Polymers on Dues drive in Cincinnati. Custom componder blender
  3. Robot companies such as Motoman or Fanuc.
  4. Ethicon- medical plastic devices.
  5. WPC wood composite materials in Cincinnati
  6. Krauss Maffei, maker of plastics machinery.

Communication:  Bob Rajkovich to prepare press release information about the 25th anniversary of the UC student chapter of the MVSPE.

International Councilor:  Dennis Richmond reported.
Last council meeting in October. Questions about rebates were part of the discussions.
-Only three meetings a year down from 4.
-Rebates are to cut in half
-Some sections are cash rich and other very cash poor. Some sharing of funds was discussed.

Zan Smith has been appointed by the MVSPE president to the board of directors retroactively to January 2009. Zan will take on responsibilities as the new international councilor.

Membership:  Getting access to the SPE national web site that has this information has been unsuccessful.

New Business:  Possible silicone conference this year at UC. Up to 200 people could attend.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:01 PM


MVSPE Board Meeting Minutes - February 5, 2009

Attendees: Greg Andersen, Bob Rajkovich, Dennis Richmond, Bob Strickley, Anthony Hoog, and Don Keys.

Reported could not attend:

Start Time: 6:00 PM

Review and approve minutes: October 16th meeting minutes reviewed and approved. Jan 8 minutes not yet prepared will be presented at next meeting.
Motion to accept the Oct 16th minutes Bob Strickley, second Tony Hoog. Voted all in favor.

Financial Update:  Financial report reviewed and accepted.

Education: 13 students form Shawnee State College will attend the Rumpke tour today. We are still owed 6 attendance fees from the Christmas function that was attended by students.

House & Program: March will be the tour of the UC Engineering facilities. April will be the tour of Cold Jet. Next week will be tech-fest at the AIM Center in Dayton, Ohio.

Communication: Ashland Chemical asked about an advertisement for our e-newsletter. Bob Rajkovich will address this with them.

International Councilor: Review copies of by-laws for regulations regarding rebates. Bob Rajkovich will foreword all the documents that need to be submitted to a central office to meet or rebate requirements to Dennis Richmond.

Membership: we are having some problems logging on to the SPE national web site to determine all were membership count. 238 members was the last count we had in October.

ANTEC 2009: anyone attending at the in PE could attend and tech admission is $80 per person. The international Council meeting will be prior to the in PE. Dennis Richmond's three-year term as our international counsel or representative is coming up.

Golf Outing: Dennis Richmond gave a report. We have a contract with the Heather wood golf course. Dennis expressed some concern about the level of participation at the event and/or ability to break even at the event. A suggestion was made by Greg Andersen; that we may want to look at expanding the tournament to include the charitable organization like habitat for humanity. Greg has some experience in attending the tournaments like this. Dennis Richmond and Greg Andersen will work on this together.


MVSPE Board Meeting Minutes - January 8, 2009

Attendees: Greg Andersen, Bob Rajkovich, Dennis Richmond, Anthony Hoog, Don Keys,
Reported could not attend:

Start Time: 6:00 PM

Review and approve minutes: None reviewed

Financial Update: Review current balance: pay Allegra for November and December 2008. Make a payment to Noel Anderson for part of the $1,200 to correct bank statement for two years.

Education: No report

House & Program: Rumpke tour to take place in February

Communication: Information for the next e-letter due Jan 15/09

International Councilor: Next meeting will be at the NPE in June


ANTEC 2009:

Old Business: Golf outing date to be established by Dennis Richmond.

New Business: Total Petrochemicals has donated 40,000 pounds or PE resin to the materials auction that takes place in Detroit on Feb 27th, 2009

Adjournment: 7:15 PM Moved by Greg Andersen, seconded by Don Keys, all voted in favor.