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Meeting Minutes 2010

MVSPE Board Meeting Minutes - March 3, 2010
6:25PM - Mecklenburg Gardens

In attendance: Bob Strickley, Don Keyes, Tony Hoog, Zan Smith, Dr. Clarson, Bob R
Reported could not attend: Greg Andersen

First Topic: Structure of how the MVSPE should run in the future. We should work to get people on the Board that can do the specialized jobs of meeting set-up, topics, tours, locations. This should be contracted to a person (people) that do this for a living. We should also look into outsourcing our financial duties also.

Meeting Minutes of 2/10/10: Zan moved we approve as corrected, second by Tony. Approved.

Treasurers Report: As of 1/17/10 $ 4268.67. Approve the payments to Allegra invoice 45633, and to National SPE for new members, amount to be checked with National.

Councilors Report: Zan reported and read from e-mailed copy of 2/29/10 meeting. This meeting was held via phone and internet. Copy attached. Note of interest 2013 ANTEC is in Cincinnati.

Membership Report: Bob R did not have, will get for April meeting.

Next meeting dates: April 1st, May 6th, June – Golf Outing

Old Business: Vote on Greg Andersen proposal to hire a planner. Dr. Clarson asked this for one year, to see how it works out versus costs. Tony second, approved.

Sponsor memberships for Board members: Zan moved, Don second, approved. (see Treasurers Report).

New Business: Get a plaque for SSU for their 25th anniversary. Work on a job fair for members with industry contacts. Locate a place (like the Engineers Club of Dayton) for the Spouse/Date Night in December 2010. Add Dr. Clarson information to the website. Add a checkbook for the Education Committee, need further discussion.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:35